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氣功改善健康Qi Gong to Improve Health

Don Bosco Hall, CMCC 2755 Denison Street, Markham, Ontario

鄭勝壽醫生將介紹氣功如何能促進健康 預防頭痛,痛症 失眠和抑鬱症。 Dr. Cheng will present the scientific studies of Mindful Meditation (Qi-Gong) in the last 10 years to show and verify how Qi-Gong can promote health, long life and disease treatments (including pain, headache, depression, insomnia, many neurological diseases, etc.) Dr. Cheng will also demonstrate the simple, effective and safe scientific way to do Qi-Gong (mindful meditation). Speaker (講者) : Dr. Richard Cheng MD. PhD. 鄭勝壽醫生 (多倫多大學腦神經生理系博士,醫學博士) Date (日期): 一月二十六日(星期日) January 26th , 2020 (Sunday) Time (時間): 下午三時四十五分至六時,3:45 pm to 6:00 pm Venue : 中華殉道聖人堂地庫Don Bosco Hall , CMCC

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